Friday, October 24, 2014

A Personal Story

Dear Readers,

Here is a personal story about my trip to wal-mart

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We jumped in the car. The car was loaded of happy people and full of presents. My baby nephew was turning 2 and, he already had a Ipad and I didn't so that was so unfair. In the car we were playing with him in the car he already knew how to talk a little and he was looking at the game he had on the ipad and he told me to  watch like he was like “Watch” I was so amazed.
We had got to Wal-Mart immediately he ran to the toy aisle he was pointing at every toy he saw
“Come on lets go to the cake and then we will come back.”
“Look at this cake its cute for isaiah,” I said
“No  I dont like it,” My mom said.
“OK!” I said mad. We were looking at cakes and my mom was holding my baby nephew and I turned back and I didn't see my mom I was freaking out because I didn't see nobody not even my sister.
“Mom where are you MOM!” I was scared I couldn't breath as soon as I knew  tears started rolling down my face. I started to ask people if they have seen a lady holding a baby and had a bun her hair.  Everybody said they didn't see her,  now I was  really scared I have never  been this scared in my life because I have never been lost in the store. I was looking all around the store I went to the toy aisle to see if she was there and I only found my sister.
“Esme have you seen mom?” I said freaking out
“No, why?” Said my sister about to freak out
“Because she had left I suppose and left me there,” I said
“Well I don't know,” Me and my sister and I were gonna stick together and look for my mom we went to the food aisle because my mom was gonna make food for his birthday.
“Jenny I think we should call mom”
“Sure” While my sister was calling my mom somebodys phone went off and my back pocket was vibrating.
“Jenny do you have my moms phone!” She yelled
“Ummmm yea,” My sister was mad at me.
“Now how are we gonna find her!” My sister said furious. All we could do was go looking for her and just hope that we will find her. Me and my sister have been in the store for about 1 hour but  I was getting hungry and  I don't look pretty when i'm hungry. My sister and I were looking at  every aisle but we couldn't find her my sister and I were thinking about going to the service desk and asking if we could say my moms name and they would call her up to the service desk and she would come down and then we would find her.
“I guess we should, we cant find her so we should because i'm not gonna stay in the store looking for her,” Me and my sis went down and we asked
“Hi can you help us out me and my sis are lost  and we can't find  my mom”
“Yes what's your moms name,” Said the clerk
“Elva Hinojos.” I responded
“Ok.” Said the clerk
“Thank you.” The clerk was getting a microphone to say moms name.
“Elva Hinojos please come down to the service desk.” I was so relieved because I was gonna find my mom. Next thing I knew my mom and my nephew were walking down and my baby nephew ran to me.
“Mom where were you I was worried sick,” I said relieved.
“Don't worry at least you guys found me.” My mom said.
“Yea at least I love you mom,” I said.
“LOVE YOU TOO.” My mom screamed.