Thursday, September 25, 2014


What causes an earthquake is when the Tectonic Plates spread apart from each other ,slide or when they go under or over each other. Then magma or lava rises up and goes down.
How do Earthquakes change the surface of the earth?
Let me tell you the story i head from my teacher Mr Moore so one day Hawaii wasn't even a country but under the water there was this mountain that made an earthquake and it stayed there and that how Hawaii just got started.
Describe the damage caused by earthquakes?
The damage caused by an earthquake is really dangerous because if you were in a building and there was an earthquake the building would be shaking and at the end the house would just collapse and you would fall with it.
 What is a volcano?
A volcano is kinda like a mountain that erupts j

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The body system

Dear Readers,

                      The Nervous system is important because the nervous system controls your body.So if you had touched something really hot then you would reflect and you would pull your hand away.The brain receives information from outside the body is when you hear a dog barking you brain tells you that "Oh its the dog."And then you go let him outside that's involuntary. How does  the nervous system works with muscles is when you nerves have allot of blood.How does the brain work with our involuntary muscles the muscles work with the involuntary muscles is when you lungs and your heart are breathing in and out.

The nervous system is really important to us example is that you wouldn't be able to

Thursday, September 4, 2014


I observe that this is a mixture because you can take the thing that are in there apart.I observe that this is a solid because the thing in he bag don't float around like Evaporation.I observe that this is weight because the things in the bag weigh.